Analytical accounting Odoo: Management Control Centers Responsibility

To provide our information system a structure that allows the tool to provide a suitable control system, that system must somehow integrate the creation of Centers of Responsibility (cost centers, profit centers, ..), for subsequent Management and Monitoring. Odoo allows for a structure that integrates the Analytical Accounting and Management Control creation.

Through Responsibility Centres, we can create an analytical framework that will correspond to a greater or lesser extent with a structure of “physical” items (shops retail, department stores) or more “conceptual” (corporate departments, business areas ), or combinations of both types of elements.

Examples of these various “elements” or “major units” of the structure, we can cite:

  • Companies with various distribution centers (chain stores, different corporate offices, ..)
  • Departments of an organization (Sales, Purchasing, Administration)
  • Business Areas (direct sales, indirect sales, selling “online”)

Later elements derived from the main elements will be created, following a tree structure according to the needs of the company. We can see an example of Analytic structure Odoo in the screenshot:

Estructura Cuentas Analíticas Odoo OpenERP ERP

Analytical Accounts Odoo structure OpenERP ERP


It is interesting and often essential carry out the allocation of revenues or costs to the different units of this structure manually and / or automatically. Odoo / OpenERP can do it from their own lines of invoices issued and received, as well as from orders, using distribution models that allow you to assign preset patterns of distribution using different routes, such as Percentage Distribution. In the following pictures you can see different mechanisms of allocation of revenues and costs to different business units:

Factura de Ventas Odoo OpenERP con asignación ingresos a la Analítica

Sales invoice Odoo OpenERP with income allocation Analytics

Escoger Distribución de Analítica a la Factura de Venta, asignando a uno, o varios centros, o a repartir

Distribution Analytical choose the sales order, assigning one or more centers, or to distribute

Pedido de Compra en odoo con asignación de coste a uno o varios Centros de Coste

Purchase Order in Odoo with cost allocation to one or several cost centers

One of the most important phases in the implementation of a management control using an organizational structure of this type, is the previous analysis which will define the most appropriate to your organization structure. Guessing at this point greatly facilitates subsequent use and interpretation of data from Analytics.

From Adaria Group we are at your disposal to help in this implementation and quickly achieve thanks to the flexibility of a solution as Odoo, solution of Integrated Management and Open Source (Open Source) widespread in a large number of organizations around the world . Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP, you can have an ERP Solution Integrated Management considered the level of other major ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc., with the advantage of avoiding the cost of Licenses characteristic of other commercial solutions. Because of its flexibility, it adapts to a wide range of types of enterprise and different volumes, from the micro to multinational companies.

Content addressed, among others, CFOs, managers or financial professionals and Management Control wishing to access solutions to further develop the growth of your organization so that the chosen solution meets the business expansion now and in the future, thanks to the flexibility and power of the system, and the protection of investments involving an Open Source tool.