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Dolibarr Views: Adding and Removing Columns on Screen Listings

As a simple ERP on using and parameterizing, it shows the ability to add or delete columns from the listings, “live”, with its immediate application in the view that we are.

As we will see in the image below, we use example of the list of invoices, where we can observe in the example that we have no visible column in the “Total Amount” field of the listed invoices:

listado facturas clientes dolibarr erp sin total

We see in the list of the image the field “Taxable base”, but at this moment we also have a “Total Amount” column. To do this, in the right part of the header of the list we find a selector, which will allow us to select / deselect the fields that interest us at any time. Select the field “Total Amount”:

seleccion campos columnas listado dolibarr erp

And immediately, in our Customer Bills List View, the new column selected, “Total Amount” appears:

listado facturas clientes total dolibarr erp

This action does not require any system restart, or anything like that: the change in the listing is applied immediately.

Dolibarr is a management software that allows you to start working very quickly from the first day, thus facilitating the adoption process by all types of organizations, whatever their size.


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